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TYREMAN is an innovative product bassed on Software as a Services designed for tyre professionals, tyre owners, dealers, manufacturers, retreaders, repairers, vehicle / equipment manufacturers and dealers, enabling them to collect tyre performance information easily by measuring costs and improving productivity when travelling to increase profitability and reduce tyre customer's operational cost, maximize planning and maintain tyre durability, so that efficiency targets can be achieved. Tyres are the largest expenditure components among transportation business Such as Trucking, Expedition, Mining, Plantation, Logging, and otobus Company.
Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted on Cloud.
Cloud computing is the availability of computer system resources on demand, especially data storage, high performance servers, networks, and security without active management directly by the user. TYREMAN.ID runs on a reliable public cloud that has proven performance speed and certified, so there is no doubt about the down time.
Cloud Computing cannot be said to be "insecure", because basically it is either the Traditional / on-permise IT environment or Cloud Computing, it is certain that it is safe if all aspects of Security are properly and correctly fulfilled. Security is our priority, we always make security improvements to ensure the security of your data.
There is no setup fee, because the package we offer includes online usage training, we can also on site training but there are accommodation costs that we must discuss, because we also provide tire management training services to improve the skills and knowledge of your personnel.
Not yet, we are still continuing to develop our product tyreman to further provide more value for your company. but if you want to integrate your software we are ready, let's start by contacting us Mail care@tyreman.id | Phone : +62 811-1774-007
To explore Unlimited Possibilities, let's start by contacting us.
Mail : care@tyreman.id | Phone : +62 811-1774-007
For support you can open ticket to our support icare Ticketing System
Mail : care@tyreman.id | Phone : +62 811-1774-007

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